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There are endless ways to move your body

I really do love the gym for its ability to put me in a good mood and to change my day for the better.

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I may not always feel like it but I know that I will always start to feel better (after those initial 5 minutes…) I’ve been on such a journey with my relationship with the gym over the years and am at a place now where the gym is a part of my life rather than it being all-consuming.

Having a routine with training makes me feel good but i’m no longer so hard on myself when i’m on & off with it, when i’m travelling, or just when other commitments start to take over. By doing more of what makes me happy in terms of training rather than what I *feel* I should be doing to reach a certain aesthetic goal has improved my mental happiness immensely.

There are endless ways for you to move your body (a HIIT class isn’t the only way - something I would go back and tell my younger self…). however you choose to move your body, I’d encourage you to do it because it feels right to you and to do it because it brings you happiness both physically and mentally.

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