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How to manage anxiety...

Do you ever look back and think, “what was I worrying about?”

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At the start of the pandemic, my anxiety reached an all time high, leading me on a journey to discover meditation. On the outside I’m often told that I appear calm and confident but underneath all this, I’m fighting a constant battle with anxiety. And this past year has been some of the most important work I’ve ever done for myself.

For some, anxiety involves replaying the past, worrying about perceived failures, trauma or things that didn’t work out. For me, my worries lie in the future and

I’ve spent so many hours of my life overthinking - making up a million imaginary scenarios in my mind throughout the day - scenarios which haven’t and will never happen.

Through daily practice, I’ve found it powerful to learn ways to come back into the present moment and accept life as it is. I know this is easier said than done when you soon enough find yourself chasing your tail again as a result of the stress and demands of life…but see your practice as a work in progress

I’ve found it powerful to learn ways to come back into the present moment and accept life as it is.

Whilst anxiety is often thought of as a negative, I’ve often felt that my anxiety drives me - filling up my work and social schedule, being proactive, organised, and making constant to-do lists. However, my inability to say ’no’ and desire to be constantly busy soon enough leads to mental and physical fatigue, and in turn more anxiety…

Coping mechanisms

When I feel anxious I like to focus on my breath and focus on the things around me - it brings me so much peace and calm. I like to get out in nature and make a conscious effort to spend time away from my phone, allowing me to really connect with my surroundings - a path bringing me back into the present moment.

If that’s not for you, or in times when meditation just isn’t going to cut it, remember the old adage - that a problem shared is a problem halved. When I feel that the worries are multiplying and completely out of my control, I speak to Tom, and he helps me to manage the anxieties in my head. To help me to work through these scenarios and to see them from what they are - made up.

How do you cope with your anxiety?

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