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Be Kind, Always

Writing is a way to express myself and make sense of the messiness of thoughts floating through my mind.

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Many of the kind messages I’ve received from you to say you can relate to or resonate with my writing and my story, I’ve taken a screenshot of, cropped them neatly at the edges, and filed them lovingly in an album on my phone.

Today, I revisited this little album, bookmarked with a heart and it felt emotional, sentimental even. When I started the journey of opening up about my mental health a couple of years ago, little did I know where it would take me and that it would touch so many hearts in the process.

Taking that first step was truly the most difficult of them all. Sharing my writing through social media platforms became a journal, a way to express myself and make sense of the messiness of thoughts floating through my mind. But it’s really become so much more than that, it’s become incredibly rewarding. And I hope I will continue to share my experiences with you all again, and again and again.

I dearly cherish this handful of messages I’ve received over the years. Because with every tiny step I’ve made since, despite the growth, the progress, and change, I still continue to experience the intensity of wavering self-doubt, anxiety sharply coursing through my body before I hit post, and I know that I will continue to, because each string of sentences is profoundly personal.

But at the end of the day, despite this, I know that it feels right to me, and I hope that many of you will continue to leave feeling better than when you arrived here for many more years to come.

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It's so wonderful to meet you and to take you on my journey, my odyssey.


Welcome to my mental health blog space where I share my healing journey and my experience with anxiety, in the hope of helping of others.


I truly hope that Catherine's Odyssey can help you and give you comfort in knowing that you are never alone on your journey.

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