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Anxiety + Me

Can you see it on my face

when my mind starts to pace

and my heart starts to race. Trapped

in the corners of my mind.

I want to run away.

But her grip tightens

when I try to escape.

I can’t slow down as the thoughts grow


Driving me to do more, be more.

To meet every inch of expectation.

I press rewind and play

on the conversations.

Fill up every hour of the day.

Go, go, go. Don’t be late.

Am I perfect yet?

It’s impossible to escape.

When did this all begin?

For my own heart to hurt me

when it is filled with so much love

for those who surround me.

I can’t leave her at the door.

It’s a battle every day.

But it’s time to take my life back.

It’s time to walk away.

I’ll fall.

But I’ll fight.

Fight for my mind

to feel free.

Because I can

no longer

let her

control me.


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